Artist bio

Cal the stoner intricarved stone art

photo credit. Fred Kohl

Cal the Stoner is an artisan Stonemason,

turned sculptor and inventor of the sculptural technique, intricarved

Intricately carved stone art.

Over the many years working and travelling Australia Cal had been pondering… he needed a sculptural technique to commence the host of creative concepts that were persistently fermenting.

The camera shy artist talks about his first sculpture Stone River #4

Cal is adamant! It is not mosaic!

Cal the Stoner artisan stonemason at work
Cal at work on The Fireplace
The Fireplace is a private commission of stone masonry. First came The Fireplace, the hearth. The home was then constructed around it. The Fireplace is Cal’s jumping off point. From here on, he rapidly surged towards total immersion in sculpting. Family, friends and the many who were drawn along the way ensured Cal’s creative momentum kept rolling. However it is Cal’s sheer determination that has been the driving force. Taking ‘idea’ through to fruition is a feat.

It was in 2010 that Cals creative planets aligned.

Cal came across a unique vein of stone that contained all the characteristics required to commence work on his concepts.

Cal then received a commission to create a sculptural work at a property in Kyneton, nearby Melbourne.

The sculptural work Cal completed was Stone River #4.

Stone River #4 is 2.6 meters long by 1.74 meters high. Weighing approximately 3 ton. 

Cal sculpting Stone River #6 death adder at the Kyneton Lost Trades Fair
Cal sculpting the first ‘portable’ work. Stone River #6 death adder at the Kyneton Lost Trades Fair.
This initial large-scale work led to the development of smaller, ‘portable’ sculptures. 

The first portable sculpture was the scaled down Stone River. #6 death adder.

Cal continued sculpting

Moving his sculpture studio first to Bayswater, then to The Theatre Research Institute warehouse in Williamstown. It being impossible to sculpt stone from his St Kilda apartment home.

Lost Trades Fair exhibition the sculptor moving Planet Zor into place.
Installing Planet Zor (The hermit) at the Kyneton Racecourse for the weekend Lost Trades Fair.

Walls became cubes. Cubes became planets. Planets became pyramids. Pyramids became animate objects.

Free forming patterns and images became carefully constructed detail.

During this time Cal completed numerous live installations. Sculpting to live audiences at The Laneway Artspace and the Lost Trades Fair

Finally! Cal was ready to undertake the tiger..but more on that later.

Cal the Stoner intricarved stone artist working on Planet Zep in the Williamstown studio.

In 2010 Cal, as they say, downed tools on his trade. His mallet, chisel and expertise gained over 30 years as a stonemason are now focused purely on sculpting. 

Cal draws on his many interests and conversations for inspiration. Each new sculptural work presents an investigation into the construction process and further propels Cal’s skills as a sculptor.

Each sculpture by Cal the Stoner bears a Cal brass plaque of authenticity. Handmade by collaborator Ben Feyen.

Having recently completed the andamooka tiger. Work has commenced on his next piece, The Goddess.

CAl’s body of work

Cal the Stoner commenced his first sculpture in 2004. In the 19 years since, Cal’s style and approach has evolved with each piece. Initially the images, patterns and lines depicted in an intricarved stone artwork emerged as an organic part of the work’s progress. His process was a fluid contemplation of identifying, shaping and fitting the stone. As his body of work grew this fluid process of exposure turned into painstakingly crafted detail of a purposeful intent. There remained one constant throughout these changes. Every artwork divulged a gaze.

Sandstone forms near to the earth’s surface. It is the single most useful sedimentary rock type for deciphering earth’s history. Sandstone may often contain fossils or biological materials. Grampians dimension stone is particularly hardy. It’s durability makes it the perfect medium for sculptural artworks that can be placed in outdoor settings to to take advantage of the stones beautiful natural features in the changing light. Hewn from such a material it is little wonder that the faces and the gaze are constantly encountered within Cal’s intricarved sculptures.


South Australian Living Arts Festival August 2021

The Alex Theatre, St Kilda

St Kilda Art Crawl

Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition 2017

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show Sculptors Exhibition curated by the Association of Sculptors Victoria 2017

Herring Island Summer Arts Festival curated by Association of Sculptors Victoria Jan-Feb 2017

Kyneton Lost Trades Fair 2014 to 2017

The Laneway Artspace, St Kilda (formerly The Sandpit) curated by Artistic Director Geoffrey Williams

Pumpkin Lane Gallery, St Kilda. Planet Zod purchased by Lisa and Jaromir Krejcik, curators of the Pumpkin Lane gallery

Cal’s works have also been exhibited at Kuki in Trentham, Victoria


Photography: Marygold Meager, Rebecca Tayler , Jono Johnson, Leila Day, Conan Fahey, Sandy Kanell, Ally Smoker

Video: Zed Horn, Gerard Stainsby, Jono Johnson , Rebecca Tayler, Leila Day

Drone pilot: Dylan Hancock

Opal: Peter Tauber, Conan Fahey, Griff Smoker. Claw & tail-tip touch up & polish: Emma

Metal works: Josh (steel Jack) Jones, Duncan Felton, Ben Roberts, Morry Ginn

Brass plaques: Ben Feyen. Neatly fitting brass plaques – Peter Denning  R.I.P

Plinths – Nigel Creighton & Nathan. Painting tiger base: Mary Ames 

Website – Jim Foster & Stealing Pallets. Logo’s & card design – Sian Bundock. Social media – Sandy Kanell

Driving his Ute many times helping move stone artwork and giving me six of my seven grey hairs: Greg Malloy

Mates I could always rely on with moving and placing damn awkward and heavy stone artwork: Andrew (Fazz) O’farrel  R.I.P, Mathew (Mattio) O’loughlin, Nigle Creighton, Greg Malloy, Mark (Stevo) Stevens, Coner O’meara,

For many, many things, you name it, that and more. -Zed Horn, Sian Bundock, Sandy Kanell, Rebecca Tayler, Jono Johnson, Leila Day, Gerard Stainsby, Sandy Kanell, Conan Fahey, Zed Horn, Ally Smoker, Griff Smoker, Bret Prohasky, Mick Jones, Dean Pridham.

The Andamooka observatory, Conan Fahey & Leila Day. The driving force of bringing Andamooka back to life. RoxbyLinks Cassie Weir and crew for promoting and pointing people to me and Andamooka. 

poster for The Andamooka Tiger grand unveiling 16 April 22
Cal the Stoner brass plaque handmade by collaborator Ben Feyen. Set into the red and cream-gold of Grampians sandstone.