Cal the Stoner brass plaque handmade by collaborator Ben Feyen. All Cal the Stoner intricarved sculptures bear the artists signature.


Cal the Stoner. Artisan stonemason with over 30 years experience in the ancient art form of dry stone. Intricarve sculptor.
Cal the Stoner artisan stonemason and intricarve sculptor
Cal the Stoner artisan stonemason and intricarve sculptor in his Andamooka sculpture studio.

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Cal the Stoner is an artisan stonemason and sculptor with over 30 years experience specialising in the ancient art of dry stone. Cal sculpts full-time from his open-air studio in the opal mining town of Andamooka, South Australia, Cal creates intricarved, or intricately carved, sandstone sculptures.

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Close up of the elaborate detail and intense colours in The Andamooka Tiger. Cal the Stoner. Artisan stonemason and creator of the intricarved sculpture style.
Close up of the elaborate detail and intense colours in The Andamooka Tiger.


Cal the Stoner employs a sculptural technique known as intricarved. Or intricate carving.

An intricarved sculpture is fashioned from stone that comprises two or more colours.

The lines, textural features and colour changes present in a completed intricarved sculpture are an amalgamation of those found naturally within the stones.

Stones are carefully examined for their natural attributes. An individual stone is then selected and shaped using the masons signature tools of the hammer and chisel. Once the stone is ready to interlock its features into the emerging artwork. It is put into place and the process continues stone by stone until a highly detailed sculptural work is brought into being.

The patterns and motifs visible in sculptures from earlier in the sculptor’s body of work emanated as a result of the creative process. The sculptor now takes the approach of selecting what the work will depict.

Cal works specifically in Australian sandstone.

Cal the Stoner, artists journey. The distance between St Kilda in Victoria and Andamooka, South Australia. 1,308 klm.

an artists journey

From St Kilda, Melbourne to the Australian outback. As the scale of Cal’s sculptures grew. New studios were required. Cal moved around a variety of locations in Melbourne. Then someone suggested the Australian outback opal mining town of Andamooka. Cal promptly loaded his sculptures, stone and studio into an old bus and drove 1307 kilometres across the desert.

Deep in concentration, Cal the Stoner focusses on the carefully interlocking stones that make up his current sculpture, The Andamooka Tiger.

Andamooka open-air sculpture studio

Visitors to Andamooka can visit Cal’s open-air sculpture studio between 2pm – 3pm each day. Entry fee is a cold beer.

82 Grosser Street

+61 403 042 973

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