Cal the Stoner is an artisan stonemason turned sculptor and the inventor of the sculptural technique, intricarved. Intricately carved stone art.

Welcome to Cal the Stoners intricarved stone art. We hope you enjoy taking a journey around the sculptors world. Cal and his mates are currently celebrating the completion of The Andamooka Tiger and preparing for the big unveiling event on Saturday 16th April in the Andamooka open-air studio. The Andamooka Tiger, is Cal’s 15th intricarved Grampians sandstone artwork and the most intricate in his body of work to date.

Cal the Stoner & the Andamooka opal field tourism association present The Andamooka Tiger unveiling event on the 16 April 2022. Click the image for event & ticket info
Tickets $15 + bf now on sale via Eventbrite. Tickets include; entry to the snack marquee, a long island iced-tea, entry to Cal’s bar where reasonably priced drinks can be purchased, groovy tunes, the unveiling performed by honourable member XXXX, groovy tunes, live stoner rock band Death by Carrot and an entry to win an Andamooka rainbow matrix opal tiger claw.

Intricarved stone art is…

Intricarved is an intricately carved stone sculptural technique that contains a picture/image or patterns in two or more colours created by Australian sculptor Cal the Stoner in 2011. The lines, textural features and colour changes in an intricarved sculpture are those found naturally within the stone. The lines and colour variations needed for each separate stone in the sculpture are searched for and found in larger pieces of stone. Cal then uses his hammer and chisel to shape the stones features to form the next interlocking piece. The newly formed piece is interlocked into place. The process is repeated on and on until the sculpture is completed.

Any stone getting loose or falling out is impossible 

Close up of the elaborate detail and intense colours in The Andamooka Tiger. Cal the Stoner. Artisan stonemason and creator of the intricarved sculpture style.

Up close and personal with The Andamooka Tiger. You can see the how each rock contains lines of red and cream-gold pigmentation occurring in a unique vein from the Grampians, Victoria. You can also see how the stonemason has carved each rock to interlocked tightly into the sculpture, whilst continuing the sculptures desired image.

Cal the Stoner with The Andamooka Tiger at the artists studio - artist profile image
Sculptor’s log…”November 2021. Four more rocks to make and nearing the end to 8,000 hours work. Not counting the hours I was building it in my sleep”… The Andamooka Tiger

Over 25 years as a stonemason. Cal had been fermenting an idea for a new sculptural technique. It was in 2010 that Cals creative planets aligned when he came across a unique vein of stone that contained all the characteristics required to commence work. Stone River #4 is the very first sculpture completed in 2011. 2.6 meters long by 1.74 meters high and weighing in at approximately 3 ton. Next Cal began a series of increasingly challenging condensed and ‘portable’ works under the Stone River series.

Cal continued sculpting. Walls became cubes. Cubes became planets. Planets became pyramids. Pyramids became animate objects. Free forming patterns and images became laboriously constructed detail. Read more about Cal’s creative journey in his artist bio

Read more about Cal’s creative journey. Artist bio

Cal the Stoner’s body of work

View the sculpture’s from Cal the Stoner’s body of work in his online Sculpture gallery Or view a collection of his works at the Andamooka open-air studio between 2-3pm each day. Call ahead to let Cal know you’re coming +61 403 042 973

Click here to go to the Cal the Stoner website sculpture gallery
View the sculpture’s from Cal the Stoner’s body of work in his online Sculpture gallery

an artists journey

From St Kilda city to the Australian outback. As the scale of Cal’s sculptures grew. New studios were required. Cal moved around a variety of locations in Melbourne. Then someone suggested the Australian outback opal mining town of Andamooka. Cal promptly loaded his sculptures, stone and studio into an old bus and drove 1307 kilometres across the desert.

Visitors and locals to Andamooka drop by Cal’s open-air sculpture studio between 2pm – 3pm each day.

Cal and The Andamooka Tiger in the sculptor's open-air studio.
Cal and his tigers. The Andamooka Tiger

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