Cal the Stoner

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Artist bio

Portrait photo of artisan stonemason and sculptor, Cal the Stoner. Photo credit Fred Kohl,

Artist bio

Cal is an artisan stonemason with over 25 years of experience, specialising in the ancient form of dry stone installation. Cal learned to love the natural beauty and recognise the myriad textures and colours that stone held. For many years Cal had the vision of creating sculptural works and commenced when he discovered a specific vein of sandstone containing unique colour characteristics.

Cal sculpts predominately in Australian Grampians sandstone. Each sculpture utilises unique features found in the hundreds of individual stone pieces that Cal reassembles into new patterns and forms. The artist process is one of contemplation.

The initial large-scale works led to smaller, ‘portable’ sculptures. The first portable sculpture, Stone River #6 phoenix and cat was constructed over six weeks in a live gallery installation.

Cal’s body of work continues to expand and currently includes; The Andamooka Tiger, 888, The Cube, a series of eights Planets from galaxy Z and The Hedron pyramid series.

The sculptures bring the inspiring beauty found in the Australian natural landscape into our everyday urban lives.

Cal sculpts full-time from his open-air studio in the opal mining town of Andamooka, South Australia.

Every sculpture is signed with an authenticating brass plaque handmade by metal worker Ben Feyen.

Cal collaborates with a variety of artists to bring his visions to life.


St Kilda Art Crawl

Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition 2017

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show Sculptors Exhibition curated by the Association of Sculptors Victoria 2017

Herring Island Summer Arts Festival curated by Association of Sculptors Victoria Jan-Feb 2017

Kyneton Lost Trades Fair

March 2014 Live installation of Stone River #6

March 2015 Debut of The Cube

March 2016 Live installation of new sculptural work Hedron Resurrection and a solar system of Planets from Galaxy Z

March 2017 Live installation of new sculptural work 888

The Laneway Artspace, St Kilda (formerly The Sandpit) curated by Artistic Director Geoffrey Williams

February-April 2015. Live installation, Stone River #7 – Phoenix and Cat. The second portable Stone River was assembled onsite in The Laneway Artspace courtyard over six weeks of summer

Pumpkin Lane Gallery, St Kilda

Planet Zod purchased by Lisa and Jaromir Krejcik, curators of the Pumpkin Lane gallery

Cal’s works have also been exhibited at Kuki in Trentham, Victoria

Cal the Stoner standing behind the first 'portable' stone sculpture Stone River #6 pheonix and cat at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
Cal the Stoner with a Stone River sculpture. Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show