Cal the Stoner, art in stone, artisan stonemason and sculptor

Cal the Stoner, art in stone

Australian sculptor and artisan stonemason

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I explore changes in natural stone, through placement in different environments.

I begin sculpting when I discover specific veins of sandstone. A large portion of my work is Grampians sandstone, sourced in Victoria.

The weight and logistics of larger scale works, led me to begin ‘portable’ sculptures. The first portable, Stone River #6, weighs 800 kilos. The early works are from the Stone River series.

My expanding body of sculpture now includes; the geometric series, Planets of Galaxy Z and the Hedron series.

I instinctually follow the natural lines and features of individual pieces of stone to create them as new forms.

Based in St Kilda, I travel far and wide, installing and exhibiting my work.

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Video courtesy of Gerard Stainsby.
Music by Bill Elm & Woody Jackson – “El Club de los Cuerpos”

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