Planets from galaxy Z

Cal the Stoner intricarved stone art
The planets from galaxy z

are a sandstone sculpture series named after the sculptors’ son. Inspired by the musical soundscapes and visual artistry associated with space rock, Cal began constructing the galaxy of planets in 2014.

Each planet contains natural and formed features that continue to be uncovered with every viewing.

The Planets translate the imagery of outer space through stone, timber and steel with faces that gaze off into…

high res

Uniquely individual red and cream-gold Grampians sandstone orbs perched on reclaimed timber plinths.

Planet Zoe 100 year old baptismal font from the church of England, Bayswater, Victoria.
Planet Zor ‘the hermit’ Australian desert ash stump.
The planets can be presented individually as feature pieces or exhibited in groups as solar systems. Planets Zoz, Zil and Zoe on exhibition at The Laneway Artspace, St Kilda.