Stone River series

Cal the Stoner intricarved stone art

Stone Rivers are a series of sandstone wall feature sculptures.

Sculptures in the stone river series include the commissioned work Stone river #4 and two portable works; Stone river #7 phoenix and cat and Stone river #6 death adder

Cal the Stoner standing behind the first 'portable' stone sculpture Stone River #6 pheonix and cat at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
Stone River #7 Pheonix & cat on exhibition at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show

The Stone River sculptures took approximately 4 weeks for the smallest work and 12 weeks the largest.

Each river sculpture recaptures the beauty of the quarried stone.

The process is one of contemplation. Cal following free flowing forms. Directing images as they appeared. Being led by the detail in a selected stone.

The detail in the river sculptures is in the lines of colour on the stones and in the lines between the stones.

The outcome is a visual landscape. Placed in a landscape setting the unique characteristics of this vein of Grampians sandstone radiate the changes of the days light.

Stone Rivers are indoor or outdoor sculptures, incorporated as landscape or architectural features.

Cal the Stoner Stone River #6 death adder close up detail
Close up detail on Stone River #6 death adder