Cal the Stoner intricarved stone art

888 is an intricarved Grampian sandstone sculpture from the geometric series.

A sandstone 300mm cube poised on a fiddle back red gum base on a single vortex. The number 8 and two versions of the Chinese character for 8 feature on the cubes three upper faces. The sculpture then sits upon a crafted aluminium stand reflecting Chinese roofing architecture 

Medium: red and cream-gold Grampian sandstone, fiddle back red gum, aluminium 
Height: aluminium plinth- 888mm, red gum base – 70mm, cube- 500mm. Total height – 1,458mm
Width: plinth – top; 370mm square, base; 590mm square, red gum – 370mm square, cube – 430mm, cube square – 300mm
Weight: 90kg

888 is an indoor sculpture

888 intricarved stone art Cal the Stoner. Exhibition photo St Kilda Arts Crawl

The number eight symbolises prosperity and is considered a lucky number in some cultures.

Cal the Stoner sandstone sculpture 888
Cal the Stoner sandstone sculpture Triple 8

The number eight is prevalent in the sciences. It’s symbolism extends across cultures and religions around the world. In mathematics, eight is a Fibonacci number. In chemistry, the atomic number of oxygen. The linear construct of the number suggests perfection, the infinity. The number eight often represents rebirth.