Stone River #7: Pheonix and cat, Cal Prohasky, art in stone

Stone River #7 : Phoenix and Cat

Stone River Series, Cal the Stoner

The Phoenix and Cat (Stone River #7) was constructed over five weeks as a live installation in the St Kilda Gallery, The Laneway (formerly The Sandpit) January 2015. The vibrancy of the cream and red colours within the Grampians sandstone feature strongly in this piece. The Pheonix is easily recognized, whereas the cat requires uncovering. (the phoenix is represented in the colours of the stone, whereas the cat requires the eye to discern the feature amongst the lines in the stones themselves.

Stone River #7: Pheonix and cat

Red and gold Australian Grampians sandstone

1000 x 1025 x 300 millimetres

1000 killograms