Stone River #4, Cal Prohasky, art in stone – commission

Stone River #4

Red and cream Australian Grampians sandstone


Red, grey, gold and purples of Mount Angus sandstone


Stone River #4 was commissioned for a private property outside of Melbourne, Victoria. Stone River #4 is a permanently installed piece at almost 3 meters in length it is also the largest sculpture by the artist to date. The sculptures size allowed the artist to experiment with multiple sandstones, combining colours from both the east and west sides of Victoria’s geological form and creating a larger surface within which the gaze can find it’s own landscapes and features. Australian fauna has a strong presence in this work, as in all of the Stone River sculptures. Cal welcomes inquiries from patron’s keen to commission him to develop further large scale and life size Australian sandstone mural concepts. Cal and friends are engaged in sourcing further specific veins of sandstone from around the world where colours meet in stone. The possibilities limited only by the imagination and adventure of those who partner with Cal to bring art to life in stone.