Hedron Resurrection Australian sandstone sculpture

Hedron Resurrection

Cal the Stoner, art in stone

Red, grey, gold and purples of Mount Angus sandstone

Australian Spotted Gum

350 milleters x 500 millimeters x 500 millimeters

50 kilograms

Ben Feyen brass plaque

Indoor sculpture

$6, 000.00

Hedron Resurrection, Cal the Stoner

Hedron Resurrection on exhibition at the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival, Melbourne, Victoria.

Hedron Resurrection

Hedron Resurrection
on exhibition at Christ Church for the St Kilda Art Crawl, 2017.



Hedron Resurrection, art in stone

Hedron Resurrection
Cal the Stoner

Exhibition list:

Lost Trades Fair, Kyneton (live installation) 2016

The Laneway Artspace, St Kilda 2016

Herring Island Summer Sculpture Festival 2017

Toorak Village Sculpture 2017

St Kilda Art Crawl 2017

Faces restored to life in geometrical form.

The first in the Hedron series, Hedron Resurrection was completed in live installation at the Lost Trades Fair, Kyneton. The animal skulls featured in the work were found all around Melbourne by the artists friends and family.  The most important stone in a Hedron is the cap stone. Each Hedron sculpture commences with the artist first finding a piece of stone with the correct proportions and dimensions to form the pyramids peak. This stone is then set aside as the process of building the lower layers of the pyramid is commenced. The Hedron sculptures sit on reclaimed timber bases and are designed to be exhibited indoors to protect the woods features.